Basic Concepts

Basic Ideas of Dementia

Dementia is a persistent or chronic mental disorder caused by injury or disease of the brain and characterized

Basic Ideas of Artificial Intelligence

A part of computer science that focuses on the formation of machines, having intelligence and capability

Basic idea of Stimulants with facts

Stimulants, also known as uppers are one of the seven categories of drugs which have a direct effect

Basic Idea of Hemorrhoids with Prevention

Hemorrhoids or piles are enlarged veins in the anus due to untreated constipation and sometimes chronic

Basic idea about Patents and it’s Registration Process

A patent is a type of intellectual property which is of great significance in the present age of technological

Basic Concepts of Structuralism and Its Application in Different Disciplines

Structuralism is an intellectual literary movement which was commenced in France in the 1950s. Its concepts

Basic Concepts of Marketing Management

Marketing is "the science and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of

Basic Concepts of Economic Growth

The term economic growth means the increase in the overall productivity that is measured by the gross

Basic Concepts of Archeology

Archeology studies the ancient and recent past of humanity by studying things created, utilized and changed

Basic Concept of Product Development

Product development, is a sequential order of steps which involves the idea generation, screening, designing,

Basic Concept of Hybrid Cars

A hybrid car combines an electric motor with a conventional diesel or petrol or gas engine. The car can

Basic concept of Globalization with definition and advantage

Globalization is actually the idea that there will be no national boundary in the world of business and

Basic Concept of Business Plan

To run or learn about business it is important to understand the basic concept of business plan. A business

Basic concept of Business Ethics

The basic concepts of business ethics are involved with three different types of moral or ethical issues.

Basic Benefits of Physical Education

Physical education basically deals with training kids of different age groups in school for the purpose

Anthropology vs. Religious Studies: Basic Misconceptions

Anthropology studies about the past and present of human society and their behaviors. On the other hand,

An Introduction to Philosophy

The simplest definition of philosophy is that it is a discipline that studies knowledge, nature, truth,

Abstract Art: Types, Techniques and Facts

Abstract Art is the form of art that seems to express emotions through different colors and shapes. There

A Very Basic Idea of Global Warming and Its Prevention

Global warming or climate change is the rising of the earth’s average temperature day by day caused

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