Basic Concepts

What is Nanotechnology? Advantages and Disadvantages of it

Nanotechnology is the technology, science, and engineering that is conducted, researched, investigated,

What is a Trademark? Basic of Trademark Registration Process

Trademark is a mark, symbol, figure, name, letter, or word that is created or adopted by a manufacturer,

What are dreams? The concept of dreaming

Dreams that we experience in our sleep are the most complex and fascinating activities that our brain

Concept of Mass Media with Types

Mass media refers to a system of technology such as radio, TV, newspaper, etc. that is generally used

Concept of Copyright

Copyrights are all about the ownership of works that fall under different categories of artistic, cinematographic

Causes of Air Pollution with types

Most air pollution is caused by human activities that have notably resulted in the commencement of industrialization.

Basics of Socialism and Capitalism

Socialism is a system of economics where the means of producing goods and services are under public ownership.

Basics of Prostate Cancer with Symptoms and Prevention

The uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells inside the human body is known as cancer which hampers the

Basics of Fractions with Types

Fractions are the mathematical expression of something that is divided into two or more pieces or parts.

Basic Types of Nutrition with Explanations

Types of nutrition - To fully understand the phenomenon of nutrition, it’s important to study its types.

Basic of Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy

All sources of energy in this world can be divided into two kinds: renewable and non-renewable. To be

Basic idea of Stimulants with facts

Stimulants, also known as uppers are one of the seven categories of drugs which have a direct effect

Basic idea about Patents and it’s Registration Process

A patent is a type of intellectual property which is of great significance in the present age of technological

Basic concept of Globalization with definition and advantage

Globalization is actually the idea that there will be no national boundary in the world of business and

Abstract Art: Types, Techniques and Facts

Abstract Art is the form of art that seems to express emotions through different colors and shapes. There

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