Concept of Virtual Reality

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Concept of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is an impression of reality generated using computer technology. A person can primarily experience virtual reality on computers through sights and sounds.

Is Virtual Reality for Real?

Most of us have never been on the moon, swum with the dolphins or survived an encounter with lions and sharks. Many of us have never ridden an exceptionally big roller coaster. This is especially for the adventurous people out there who love to do crazy things in life but cannot because they’re too expensive or they don’t have time to fulfill these dreams. Well, the world has always offered us with alternatives and this all is possible to experience without having to leave our home. Virtual reality it is. It’s not exactly real, neither is it a dream. It’s somewhere in between real and unreal. It’s the product of advancements in technology.

The Concept

Let us explain the concept of virtual reality in the simplest way ever!

There’s a gadget made from sensory equipment and high performance technology. It’s called VR headset and we wear it like any other headset.


Take anything like a motion ride, like a roller coaster, any real place in the world, like a desert, a rainy forest, planet Mars, or take any situation like being chased by a monster in a haunted house. All these examples are just to explain and are not limited, we can just think and pick about anything in the world which is not a part of our surroundings.

The headset gives us the impression that we’re experiencing this all and we’re present where it’s showing us by simulating all these real life scenarios. This can even be anything not confined to the real world but totally imaginary situations as well.


The most important part about virtual reality is that it is applicable to other areas as well apart from entertainment and gaming. This is where it gets the most interesting.

Simulators equipped with VR technology have been employed in training pilots. These airplane simulators are so accurate and close to the real planes that the pilots are made to encounter every possible disastrous situation involving every likely technical flaw with the airplane helping the pilots to take instant action at right time otherwise even a small error would result in a deadly crash. So imagine how well the pilots can be trained to act confidently in unfavorable situations on a flight because of virtual reality.

Additionally, other than the simulators and headsets, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D and XD cinemas are also created with VR technology, especially the datagloves that come with the built in sensors which is an additional development to the world of VR.

It’s for all

Today we can enjoy the wonderful sight-seeing experience only by grabbing a VR headset by viewing the beauty of Italy and Switzerland while sitting at home. We no more have to limit our hobbies to book reading that no doubt is the best source of entertainment for the booklovers but that is more like exploring the world linearly. It can in no way be compared to the feeling of living the real moments of the story.

If modernization had a face

VR has brought a drastic transformation to the world. Technologists are still working on making the use of this super amazing technology in more advantageous ways and the time is not far when more astonishing developments in the area of virtual reality will be introduced to the world.

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Key Facts and Statistics

  • As per Statista, around 27% of the US consumers were willing to spend more on a virtual reality game than a conventional game in 2017.
  • About 33% of the US consumers tried the virtual reality headset in 2017.
  • Around 92% of the US consumers are aware of the term “Virtual Reality.”
  • About 13% of the consumers in the United States were willing to pay up to $50 for a virtual reality headset in 2017.
  • Around 18% of the US consumers had no interest in virtual reality in 2017.
  • In 2017, about 33% of the US consumers thought that technology was the most interesting aspect of virtual reality.
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