Holocaust by Bullets: The Disturbing Link Between the Armenian Genocide and the Nazi Massacres

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 Holocaust by Bullets: The Disturbing Link Between the Armenian Genocide and the Nazi Massacres

Whatever the name you give it: Holocaust, massacre, mass murder, genocide, or ethnic cleansing; it’s the most horrible crime of this world which cannot be justified with all the logic or reasons of this world. It’s just brutal destruction of life whether systematic or random.

The brutal side of the world

We all have been watching those action movies full of blood and assassinations. The scenes of people being killed and slaughtered give us goosebumps because they’re so bad to watch even in the movies.

Well, most of us aren’t freaked out by them at all knowing they’re all unreal. Now, just imagine all that brutality happening in real! That slaughtering of people; men, women and children all included.

Undoubtedly, the worst part is that our world has actually endured a series of mass killings since the beginning of mankind and series of events involving humans killing humans, as fiercely and brutally as you can think.

Holocaust- The History

The Holocaust was one of those dreadful events when about six million Jews were eliminated from the world population by Nazis during WWII.

The Holocaust is also known as ‘Shoah’ in Hebrew, which means a disaster or a calamity. Entire Eastern Europe was swept off of Jews. This occurred mainly in Ukraine and Poland.

What is a Holocaust?

Now coming to our topic, the Holocaust was like a genocide but deadlier than all other genocides ever happened in the world prior to and post- the Holocaust. However, the Holocaust is different from a massacre and genocide.

A massacre is the intended mass killing of people regardless of any religion or ethnic group. On the other hand, genocide involves the targeted mass killing of people of a specific race or ethnic group.

There’s a fine line which separates the Holocaust from genocide which will also clarify why the Holocaust wasn’t called genocide.

What is a massacre?

Genocide involves a massacre arising from hatred stemming from differences in religion, nationality, racial identity and ethnicity but in the Holocaust, there was a blend of both the genocide and a massacre.

The Nazis didn’t only kill the Jews but also some other people belonging to other races and religions who were against the rule of the Nazis.

Some other disastrous and outrageous mass killings are listed below:

  • Holodomor Ukrainian genocide
  • Cambodian genocide
  • Kazakh genocide
  • Armenian genocide
  • Rwandan genocide

All in all, whether it is a murder, a massacre, genocide or the Holocaust, it is an illegal, inhuman and a merciless act. How come somebody gets the right to take people’s lives away? In all these scenarios the victims are innocent and not guilty of any crime.

The ones who initiate these moves are prolyl psychopaths and maniacs. These are the crimes against humanity that are incorporated in the UN Charter as well, which the majority of the world countries have signed and ratified.

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Nuremberg trials- A beginning to the world peace

The Nuremberg trials were the first ones to initiate the first ever prosecution for crimes against humanity. Since, globalization is eliminating the enmities between the states since they’re becoming more dependent on each other for trade and commerce and similar economic gains.

As a result, they’re refraining from all the actions that would invite dissatisfaction of other states, so no such inhuman practices take place any more.

In addition, the times of despotic dictators are also over and now the world is instilled with governmental systems like democracy and communism, in which peoples’ welfare is regarded as superior to all and when the people are empowered, they’re safer than ever before, making the world a better and peaceful place for everyone.

 Facts about Different Holocaust/Massacres

  • Around 17,000,000 people (2/3 of the Jewish in Europe) has been killed in the Holocaust of the WW2.
  • At least 1,800,000 people (10% of Ukraine's population) died through artificial starvation by the Soviet regime in Ukraine known as the Holodomor genocide.
  • The Ottoman Empire suffered 3 genocides in just 2 years: 1914 to 1915.
  • The most recent genocide that saw a lot of lives perish is the Ethnic Cleansing in Myanmar started in 2017.
  • 4% of Bangladesh's (then, East Pakistan) total population; 3,000,000 people were killed by the Pakistan army in 1971.
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