Basic of karl Marx Labor Theory

The labor theory of proposed by Karl Marx is a theory of value also known as the labor theory of value (LTV). This theory

Total Internal Reflection in Daily Life | Two Rules of Internal Reelection

When light travels from a denser medium to a rarer medium, refraction occurs till the point the angle of incidence reaches

What are the Importance and Impediment of National Integration?

National integration is the vivid consciousness of an identity that unifies the citizens of a country. In spite of belonging

The Difference Between Holocaust and Massacre | Holocaust VS Massacre

Whatever the name you give it: Holocaust, massacre, mass murder, genocide, or ethnic cleansing; it’s the most horrible

What is the Solar System? Types of Planets

The solar system is basically the sun and its surroundings. The planets, moons, meteorites, asteroids, comets, and all other

Propaganda: Most Common 7 Techniques & A Very Brief History

Propaganda is an idea, a fact, or an allegation that is spread deliberately by an individual, a group of individuals, or

Jhon’s Locke: Basic Theory, Treatises of Government, Critic of Arbitrary and The Labor Theory

One of the most influential political philosophers, John Locke provided a lot of theories that try to explain the relationship

Lucid Dream: How-to, Concept and Strengthen the ability to watch

Lucid dreaming is the most pleasing kind of dream that we experience our sense is completely lucid or aware of the dream.

What’s the Purpose of Meditation? Most common Myths about Meditation

Meditation is a way to engage yourself in some unique style of mental exercises such as concentrating on the positives and

What is an Alibi? Learn Basic About Alibi with Example

You were in Alabama on a fishing trip and you have been charged with a murder that took place in NY; providing evidence of

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