Meditation: How It Can Transform Your Life and Bust Common Misconceptions

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Meditation: How It Can Transform Your Life and Bust Common Misconceptions

Meditation is a way to engage yourself in some unique style of mental exercises such as concentrating on the positives and breathing out the negatives for the purpose of achieving a heightened level of physical, mental, and spiritual awareness and well-being.

Meditation- The key to peace

As we continue to grow older, life instills our very existence with depression, worries, anxiety, loss, failure, pessimism and every negative thing that it can get its hands on.

Sometimes these conditions are so hard to tackle so much so that we resort to medications. It may be argued that not everyone is depressed but one cannot deny the fact that sorrow is inevitable in life. 

However, the degree of pain varies from person to person depending on their problem-solving abilities and fate.

What’s the Purpose of Meditation?

One of the most beneficial techniques for escaping the negativities and seeking much-needed relaxation in life is meditation. Meditation is all that a person needs in life if they want to be happy, healthy, and relaxed.

Once included in the daily schedule, there’s nothing that can stop one from achieving the transformation they long to see for themselves.

However, what is it that meditation does to bring peace and relaxation? Why is this one normal exercise so overrated? Are its effects real? All these questions will be answered in this article.

Most common Myths about Meditation

Let’s first clarify the popular myths about meditation. Most people think that meditation is achieved by concentration, being completely unable to sense anything else other than what’s going on in our minds and that it is done by way of exercising, etc.

No, meditation has certainly nothing to do anything with these beliefs as they’re complete myths. Meditation doesn’t depend on the concentration of the mind. One doesn’t have to lose control over their senses like hearing, seeing, etc.

Lastly, exercising is not meditation. That technique people refer to involving focus, and concentration coupled with an exercise is YOGA, not meditation. Now the question is if all this isn’t meditation then what is?

How does meditation work?

Meditation is a technique that relieves a person’s brain from stress. It can be achieved even if the human mind is fully alert. It can be done even in a crowded place. It’s just about how you have yourself release that stress off your mind.

A person can meditate even while he’s doing an arduous job of carrying weights. One doesn’t have to sit in quiet or in a jungle where there’s nobody around. As per a recent US study, meditation has helped minimizing the consumption of anti-depressants.

Does meditation involve work?

There is zero effort or pressure required in order to meditate. In fact, it’s completely opposite to struggling because it is an act of keeping away from the strain.

If something is aimed at keeping away from stress then how can stress be required to achieve the same thing? It’s on the person to explore their own trick of meditation. Some people are all aware of their surroundings but still, they derive the pleasure of meditation by feeding their brain with any thought that relaxes it.

A meditation technique of rhythmic inhaling and exhaling is if one thinks about how their brain can be made to relax then that could be a workable trick for them.

Tutorials for meditation?

Meditation is certainly not something that can be achieved by following a tutorial. If one is super stressed about something, they cannot divert their mind merely by reading a page on meditation. They need to ponder over their grief.

Rather than running from it, they must face it and have their brain accept it. That’s all meditation is about. It’s about keeping oneself intact in present than getting lost in past or in the prospects of the future.

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 Facts about Meditation:

  • Meditation helps you organize your thoughts to improve your memory.
  • Meditation helps your brain cool down and reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Meditation helps you to relax and thus it helps you to reduce your blood pressure.
  • Meditation helps you to increase your ability to multitask by organizing your thoughts.
  • Meditation slows down you’re aging and makes you look younger.
  • Meditation provides you with the mental strength to endure and reduce physical pain.


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