What Is Lucid Dreaming and Why Should You Try It?

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What Is Lucid Dreaming and Why Should You Try It?

Lucid dreaming is the most pleasing kind of dream that we experience our sense is completely lucid or aware of the dream. It’s like you know that you are dreaming and sometimes you might even be able to control it. 

How are lucid dreams different?

Lucid dreams are not a new thing to learn for most of us. Sometimes, we all at some point of our sleep get into the stage of lucid dreaming but we’re not aware of the name given to it.

This is because mostly we don’t pay attention to pointing out the fine line that separates normal dreams from lucid dreams but lucid dreaming is the most interesting aspect of sleep that we can derive pleasure from once we’re fully aware of it.

Most people sound vague when they speak about lucid dreaming because it’s too complicated to put it in any understandable way of expression.

At times we keep skimming through contents illustrating how to lucid dream but the procedure is just not as easy as it’s described.

Before we talk about the ways one can see these dreams, let’s learn about what they actually are.

How do we see lucid dreams?

The most amazing thing about lucid dreams is that the procedure to achieve them varies from person to person. We can list down about 10 steps to make us see a lucid dream but it’s just not the right way.

We need to determine it ourselves how our brain gets convinced on making us feel the unreal real when we’re not sleeping and want to dream whatever we want.

Concept of lucid dreams

Has it ever happened to you that you’re having a pleasant dream and then you suddenly wake up because of that alarm in your phone or if someone calls your name or say you are made to wake up by any external force when you’re just not ready and are fully enjoying the dream?

Then you switch off the alarm and ignore the disturbance that just happened to you and put yourself back to sleep just so that you can continue dreaming that very dream which was so good and it actually continues and goes just the way you want it.

Now at this stage a part of your subconscious is actually aware that you’re awake yet you’re enjoying the dream and experiencing it just like everything is happening in real. This phenomenon of dreaming is known as lucid dreaming.

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Self-training the brain

Yes, it takes some of our own ways of training our brain, some practice and tolerance to achieve lucid dreaming.

We don’t have to be smarty-pants or an expert for this. Like it’s said earlier that we only have to remember our dream in order to continue doing it.

If we forget what the dream was then how can we get our brain to direct the dream our way?

Free choice in picking the kind of dream

Lucid dreams are not limited to pleasurable scenarios of dreaming only. We can see nearly everything which pleases us.

For instance, if we like adventures and we want to lucid dream about fighting a monster and saving the world, then it’s also achievable. We just need to get the hang of it.

Strengthen the ability to watch lucid dreams

However, there are a number of things that can strengthen our ability to lucid dream. For example, some herbs can help increasing the probability of lucid dreaming.

These include wild asparagus root, silence, sinicuichi and mugwort. Only if you can find them easily in stores, otherwise you just have to trust your inner potential which is enough driving force for you.

Meditation and lucid dreaming

Meditation also helps inducing lucid dreaming. A spiritual activity can surely trigger another of the same kind.

So, if you can add a few minutes of meditation in your schedule then lucid dreaming is not big of a deal to achieve for you.

Facts about Lucid Dreaming

  • Lucid dreaming is different from hallucination in that it does not employ your body; your body might remain in deep sleep when you are lucid dreaming but your consciousness is aware.
  • Usually lucid dream occurs in the REM sleeping stage. REM is rapid eye movement.
  • Nightmares are completely different from the lucid dreams. Lucid dreams are mostly pleasant.
  • Lucid dreaming is also regarded as a skill when you can train your brain to be prepared for lucid dreaming whenever you want.
  • The most common themes of lucid dreaming are sex and adventures.
  • The most usual time of having a lucid dream is early morning.
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