Difference Between Participle and Gerund

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Basis of the difference



1. Definition

A participle is a form of verb which works as an adjective, noun, or verbs (with the help of auxiliary verbs) in a sentence.

A gerund is a present participle (verb + ing) which works as a noun in a sentence.

2. Relation

A definite type of present participle can be gerunds.

All the gerunds are participles; present participles to be exact.

3. Function

A participle can function as a verb (with the help of auxiliaries), an adjective, an adverb, and a noun.

A gerund can only function as a noun.

4. Types

Participles are mainly of two types:

1. Present Participle 2. Past Participle

A gerund is a type of present participle itself. However, it can be divided into two types:

1. Subject Gerund 2. Object Gerund

5. Examples

1.       I saw him sitting there.

2.       They had broken up their marriage.

3.       Don’t sit on that spinning chair.

4.       Playing for this team is an honor.

5.       I will be sleeping at this time tomorrow.

1.       Sitting idly is not in my habit.

2.       Breaking up is easy but putting together is not. 

3.       Chair-sitting is a funny game.

4.       Playing for this team is an honor.

5.       Sleeping at this hour of the day is not good for health.


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