Basic Concept of Hybrid Cars

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A hybrid car combines an electric motor with a conventional diesel or petrol or gas engine. The car can be moved using either or both of the power. These cars also contain a battery.

An Astounding Innovation of Cars

Every other day the world gets familiarized with a new version of every little thing. Be it a TV, drones or cars, all things have undergone amazing innovations. Cars have been the best ever human creation that has made life a bed of roses. Without a car we wouldn’t imagine surviving long distance traveling. However, owning a car greatly adds to the fuel expenses that everyone cannot afford. Sometimes, people rather walk to the nearby places because they want to save money. However, time has changed now and the world offers us with the best ever innovated form of cars i.e. hybrid cars.

Dual Engine Complex

Hybrid cars come with a dual engine complex, one being an electric motor and the other is the conventional engine. The former is powered when the car runs at a lower speed while the latter is just like the engine of any ordinary car that runs on fuel (either diesel or petrol) and the car operates on it at higher speeds only or when more power is required.

Environmental Safety

Hybrid cars are preferred over other cars for being safer for the environment, due to which their prices have decreased worldwide through lesser duty and discounted rates incentivized by many states. This is because hybrid cars are immensely economic friendly. They are clean and don’t cause pollution. The release of harmful gases like carbon dioxide is minimized which in the long run would help improving health problems and environmental issues like global warming.

Affordability today

Hybrid cars did exist even in 1900s but they were out of range of majority of people because of being exorbitantly expensive. However today they’re affordable for all because of special governmental discounts. Because of the environmental benefits of hybrid cars, the public transport in some countries is being fully replaced by hybrid vehicles.

Advantages of Hybrid Cars

There are many advantages of hybrid cars that force people to think twice before purchasing a non-hybrid vehicle.

  • As mentioned earlier, hybrid cars are environmental friendly because they don’t run on fuel, rather they use the mechanical power of wheels stored by the electric motor during high acceleration. Less dependence on fuel causes minimum emissions.
  • Secondly the braking system uses kinetic energy produced while we’re braking causing the batteries to recharge.
  • Thirdly, hybrid cars save a lot of money that we otherwise spend on highly priced gasoline for regular cars.
  • Less dependence on petrol and diesel would result in decreasing their demand triggering ultimate fall in their prices in the market.
  • Hybrid cars because of their high demand can be resold at a higher price, so purchasing oneis a very good deal in terms of investment as well.


In contrast to the positive points about hybrid cars, there are some drawbacks too that we must consider prior to buying one. First, since they run on an electric motor along with a conventional engine, they can’t be expected to be same powerful as regular cars. So they can be preferred only for city drives which means they’re not so good to drive up steep hills. Secondly, without discounts and duty-free schemes, they’re way too expensive to purchase. Lastly, the maintenance cost of a hybrid car is much higher than that of a regular car and it takes a really good mechanic to fix it every time it breaks down.

Key Facts about Hybrid Cars

  • Hybrid cars are long lasting.
  • Hybrid cars are 90% more environment friendly than the non-hybrid cars.
  • The US Government allowed a tax write off in support of the hybrid cars.
  • Hybrid cars save fuel costs up to 15%-20% than the conventional cars.
  • Hybrid cars are very quiet, and driving is also comfortable.
  • The 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid is ranking at number 1 among the hybrid and electric cars in the United States.
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