Concept of Graphic Design

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Graphic design is a way of problem-solving and visual communication which uses photography, illustration, and typography. 


All things drawn, painted and sketched involving visuals that we can associate with any “art” entail the process of graphic designing. Graphic design has in fact a lot more to it. It’s a medium that connects the living with the non-living, the meaningful visual messages with the viewers of the same. It’s a language that our brain interprets through our eyes. It’s the way to express ideas, concepts and thoughts by way of graphic tools and elements.

Tools of graphic designing 

There are a number of tools that come in handy for a graphic designer for example the primitive ones like sketch pads, which required just a pencil to put the ideas on a paper and now there are better ways using advanced tools in computers, tablets and even phones that are full of apps with hundreds of tools that produce magical results with even autographical features that don’t require the amount of hard work that was once required in the field.

For a thing to be a product of graphical nature it must entail the requisite elements listed below:

  • Lines- Lines make the primary element in a drawing.
  • Shapes- Shapes further beautify an image and help in balancing, filling the space, or even supporting the text in a piece of art.
  • Color- Colors add life to a design. It’s the primary source of appeal and magnetism in the work of graphics.
  • Texture- Texture gives a touch of tangibility in a plain drawing. We often see images drawn on a paper and they look real and three-dimensional. That’s the magic of texture. A texture is given by means of appropriate material and stationary.
  • Text- Even text can be incorporated in creative ways to give a new meaning to a graphic design. It requires the use of font, color, size, type of the text etc. to make a text look like a piece of art in itself.

The concrete or abstract art designed using these tools and elements, is known as the product of graphic designing. It is also incorporated in the projects and businesses in the shape of logos, advertisements etc. The application of graphic design is stretched to an unlimited extent. From academic to professional to personal needs, all the things that involve graphics pertains to the practice of graphic designing.

Types of Graphic Design

Graphic design is categorized into various types today, the most prominent of which are as follows:

  • Web designing: It deals with all the graphical jobs in the process of building a website. For example, design, images, logos, posters etc.
  • Animation: The industry of animation is enormous. One can easily mint money if they’ve enough expertise in the field. It involves video games, TV shows and even movies involving special effects. This category is called motion graphics.
  • Others include multimedia designing, print designing and mobile designing.

Graphic Designing as a profession

Career wise, graphic designing is regarded as the one of the most preferred areas in terms of profession selection. As per the record by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there’s an increase in the graphic designing jobs by 20% that involves only the computer based designing jobs and the employment rate in print designing has significantly decreased over time.

Key Facts and Statistics:

  • As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for all kinds of graphic designers is expected to increase by 13% by the year 2020.
  • A graphic designing degree with a duration of 5 years, is not required to build a career in graphic designing.
  • Any kind of advertising and marketing activity will not be possible without the graphic designers.
  • Many graphic designers work as freelancers and can claim themselves as self-employed.
  • Graphic designers specializing in any particular industry such as sports can get graphic designing work for football clubs and teams. Thus, they can make more money than a regular graphic designer working for an ad firm.
  • Graphic designers have the possibility of becoming famous celebrities. Such as Sir Jonathan Ive has become famous for his artwork which is used on the products of Apple.
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