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What is Trade War: An Explanation

A trade war is an economic conflict between two or more countries where countries impose trade tariffs

What is Socialism?

When it comes to the ownership of resources, in every country the property is owned either by the private

What is Profit Maximization and How to Achieve it?

Profit maximization is the capability of a business or company to earn the maximum profit with low cost

What is Plastic Surgery? A Basic Idea

Plastic surgery is a surgical process which changes and transforms the human body. It is basically removal

What is Moot Court?

A moot court is like simulating a real court, where students are made to participate in the staged court

What is Immunity? And Its Classification

Immunity generally means protection. In biological terminology, immunity is the natural process which

What is Euthanasia or a Physician Assisted Death?

When someone’s life becomes unbearable (mostly) because of illness, one may want to end it for good.

What is Epilepsy and Epilepsy treatment?

Epilepsy which is one of the most common types of neurological disorder or disorder of central nervous

What is Defamation and How to Defend It?

Defamation legally refers to a term which is a verbal or written statement of a person damaging another

What is a waterfall and how is it formed?

Water, particularly from a stream or river, falling from mountains or hills to a lower place, is known

What Diet Plans Really Are and How Do They Work?

A diet when planned according to a person’s weight, lifestyle and health status is called a diet plan.

What are the basic human rights?

As humans are considered the best of all other beings, "the survival of the fittest" rule is

What are Newton’s Laws of Motion?

Newton’s Laws of Motion basically explain the constant velocity of an object unless acted upon by a

What are dreams? The concept of dreaming

Dreams that we experience in our sleep are the most complex and fascinating activities that our brain

Concept of Halloween

On Halloween, the entire city lights up in excitement. There are ghosts, pumpkins and spirits everywhere

Concept of Graphic Design

Graphic design is a way of problem-solving and visual communication which uses photography, illustration,

Basics of Income Tax and Auditing

Basic knowledge of income tax and auditing is necessary for an individual or business whether small or

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