What is Feminism?

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What is Feminism?

Centuries of unfair and discriminatory treatment towards the female paved the way for a noble movement for establishing the practice of equal rights of all human beings in our society; this movement is called feminism.

Women- A downtrodden entity of society

Inequality towards women is not a new thing to the world. Centuries ago, the Arab men would bury their infants alive if they turned out to be girls. In the 14th century about 3000 years ago, the kings would treat their wives like chattels by using violence against them. If this was the condition of the ‘queens’, imagine the situation the women would’ve been in among the ordinary people. Even today, when women's rights are talked about, people, sadly women too, turn against the recognition of these rights.

What is Feminism?

Feminism makes it possible for women to compete on an equal footing with men. It basically aims at devoting equal rights to women, removing all the negativities and beliefs that manifest that women are in any way inferior to men. Most people disregard the idea of feminism and they justify their disapproval by saying that men and women are not the same. Well, yes they are not the same but does it mean that it can deprive women of equality in society? Sameness should certainly not be the factor to determine the right of equality of women. If women are delicate and fragile as compared to men, it should in no way come in their way to grab the opportunities that men are given.

Does the same mean equal?

The words the same and equal are not identical. Women are still owed the same social, economic and political status despite not being physically the same as men. Physical features are baseless to include in this debate.

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No liberty for women

In our society, men can enjoy the liberty that is refused to women. The liberty discussed here is not the one refused by the State but the one that the society denies to the women. For example, a man can continue to struggle for building his career for as long as he likes without the worry of getting married at an early age as nobody would marry him otherwise, whereas women still in most of the communities are consistently ridiculed for remaining unmarried in old age.

It was just an example. This list of instances showing controllable and uncontrollable discrimination against women would never come to an end. Why don’t people understand, that these movements are aimed at rooting out the frustration and depression in the lives of women that can be eradicated even if they’re willing to demonstrate a little gesture of the minimum possible moral support. 

The two genders ARE different but this doesn’t justify unequal rights

Yes sometimes, the feminists fail to realize the degree of differences between both genders but they are completely right when it comes to giving “basic” rights to women nipping these prejudices and partialities in their very bud. It’s really soothing and comforting for women to see men raising their voice for the rights of women. These are the true men who have seen their mothers suffering, getting their sisters victimized in the hands of this society. They are the men who have owned women as persons who deserve dignity and recognition in the society. Now it’s time for us to decide whether we want to make this society worth living for women or keep turning our backs on them because they’re not physically equal to men.

Facts about Feminism:

  • Feminism does not tell you to do anything, except, to bring a change in your perspective and thoughts that demonstrate an attitude that is equal towards all human being regardless of their gender.
  • Modern feminism has been shaped through a century of struggle and different movements known as Waves of feminism. There are four waves of feminism.
  • The 1st wave of feminism took place from the 1910s to 1950s, focusing on women's rights of property and political candidacy.
  • The 2nd wave of feminism took place from the 1960s to 1980s, focusing on the reduction of inequalities in the family, the workplace, reproductive rights, and the inequalities in the law.
  • The 3rd wave of feminism took place from the 1990s to 2008, focusing on the practice of individualism and diversity.
  • The 4th wave of feminism began in 2008 and still active in the present day, focusing on fighting against the sexual assault, harassment, misogyny, and the abolishment of a male-chauvinist society.
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