Bermuda Triangle Mystery with Facts

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Bermuda Triangle Mystery with Facts

Bounded by Bermuda, Miami, and Puerto Rico in the Atlantic Ocean, the Bermuda Triangle (Devil’s Triangle) is regarded as the greatest unsolved mystery of the modern age. In this place, lots of ships and airplanes have been vanished entirely. The reason of this vanishing is still unknown and mysterious to the world. 

The Bermuda Triangle mystery is one of the biggest unsolved ambiguities in the world. For more than 300 years, researchers, scientists and experts are occupied delving into finding the answers to the irresolvable questions but they’ve always failed to come up with any sort of satisfactory conclusion. It is not that the findings don’t make sense; they do but every time a new mysterious disappearance in the region of Bermuda Triangle disproves the preceding findings.

The Mystery

The Bermuda Triangle is an infamous region which is also referred to as the “devil’s triangle”. It is situated in the North Atlantic Ocean touching Miami, San Juan Puerto Rico and Bermuda, making a triangle shaped expanse which is why its name is followed by the word “triangle”.

The mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle gives goosebumps to people when they try to ponder upon it. This region has eaten up number of ships and aircrafts that had tried to travel across it. They’ve literally disappeared without leaving any marks of accidents or catastrophes. Doesn’t this sound fictional? No, it is as real as life. The first ever disappearance in the region was reported in 1800s which pertained to a ship called USS Pickering. Its passage was through Newcastle and then Delaware. As soon as it got into the Bermuda Triangle region, nobody knows what happened after that. There have so far been 75 air crashes and hundreds of ships are reported disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle.

What do researches have to say?

The reason for the disappearances has been quite a matter of frustration for the researchers. Most of them have opined that this is because of natural causes like human error, bad weather conditions, and electromagnetic forces, which haven’t proven to be much convincing because in majority of the disappearances no traces of ships and planes were found.

Various myths and predictions

Another prediction suggested that it could be aliens or UFOs responsible for the disappearances. This also didn’t sound like a realistically acceptable explanation. The mystery attracted lots of social discussions inviting peoples’ views all over the world. Some of them even commented that it could be the result of a paranormal activity, perhaps a ghost or any similar activity, which is totally insane to think.

The Mystery Resolved

So, what could be the reason? Huge ships with the crews of 100s of sailors disappearing without any signs and traces needed some kind of logical explanation and it was finally out.

The new finding

The modern theorists and meteorologists came up with a new finding according to which the Bermuda Triangle is surrounded by hexagonal clouds which create air bombs of wind. These windy air bombs devour the ships and aircrafts.

The cause of air bombs

Now the question is what causes these air bombs to form? A microburst is a powerful air-current that results from air blasts and there are uncountable microbursts forming over the Bermuda Triangle, cutting through the clouds and hitting the ocean. This in turn creates massive and deadly waves that sink the ships and the aircrafts.

Yet, not everyone is convinced because as per the refuters of these meteorologists, hexagonal clouds exist in the other parts of the world too where there are no reported cases of disappearances. Now time will tell if there will ever be findings worth appreciation by everyone.

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Facts about Bermuda Triangle

  • The Bermuda Triangle covers an area of about 440,000 miles in the sea.
  • The area of the triangle is not really fixed. The effects of the mystery of this triangle are also seen outside of its usual area.
  • Some people also believe it to have an alien association.
  • The debris of the disappeared ship or aircraft cannot be found in this area because of the Gulf Stream that running near the triangle takes away all the debris.
  • Over 1000 people have been disappeared in this area within the last 100 years.
  • Christopher Columbus was the first person to report on the Bermuda Triangle. He described the experience of compass not working in that area and the fireball he saw falling down on the sea.
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