How Everyone Wins When We Achieve Gender Equality

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How Everyone Wins When We Achieve Gender Equality

Biological differences do not make someone inferior or superior to others. Gender equality is the ethical idea that every human being regardless of their gender is equal.

It’s sad to see how the descendants of the same entity are treated differently around the world. Man, the descendant of Adam comes from the same womb from which a woman does but still he is regarded as superior to her. What exactly makes him supreme? Is it the physical strength or the biological difference? Other than these two things, there’s no other difference between the two. Are these two factors worthy enough to disregard an entire gender so ruthlessly?

No matter how the world has progressed and the technological, social and mental advancements it has achieved, the deep-seated element of gender inequality will stay put as the biggest misfortune.

Issues faced by women

The following problems highlight the dire need to gender equality in our society. Let’s have a look at them.

Pay Gap

The biggest issue faced by women with respect to gender inequality is in profession. The women are employed but it is men who get the entire preferential treatment in everything at work. Let’s start with the pay gap. Women despite having the same qualifications and skills get lesser pay than men in majority of the firms. Why is that? Maybe because women tend to leave the jobs when they get married or when they conceive a baby etc. But should it be a factor to deprive all the women in general? Why do those women have to suffer who want to take their careers seriously and want to be kept on an equal footing with men?

Promotion Gap

Another discriminating factor related to employment is the promotion gap. Men are more likely to be promoted in jobs than women where according to a research most CEOs are males. Women don’t get promoted as speedily as men do. It’s very hard for a woman to jump to a bigger position in a short span of time.

Discrimination in Academic Institutions

Even in academics the discrimination is evident. In majority of the universities there are more seats reserved for boys than girls at the time of admission.

Lack of Social Security

Where man can walk on the streets confidently without any fear no matter where he belongs, a woman in the same society is victim of assault and harassment. A woman cannot feel safe and secure outside her home like a man does because unfortunately she is fed with concepts like she’s vulnerable and if she is harassed or raped, the society will condemn her only and not the man who is responsible for the crime. It will be her who will never be chosen for marriage as if she has chosen to be raped on purpose. 

Discrimination in right to education

In most of the backward areas, young girls are refrained from acquiring education and going to school because they are made to sit at home and trained for taking care of their younger brothers and carrying out the house chores. They’re deprived of their basic right to education which is the biggest reason behind the downfall of the whole generation. The uneducated mothers fail to bring up their children in a manner they should be brought up for becoming the human resource the society needs.

The position of divorced women

In our society, the divorced women aren’t treated with respect. Mostly they are blamed for being the reason for the divorce. A man very conveniently continues with his life and even gets an unmarried woman as a wife but a woman who gets the tag of a divorcee stays in isolation throughout her life.

Political participation

In most parts of the world, women are not allowed to cast votes during the election period. How sad it is that they aren’t treated worthy enough to choose their leaders in the so-called democracy!

Facts about Gender In/Equality

  • Women who are working full-time still earn 23% less than their male counterparts of the same skill-set.
  • 62 million girls all over the world do not get the chance to go to school at all as their brothers do.
  • Only 32% of all the members of the national parliaments are female.
  • The constitutions of over 150 countries have at least one law that denies gender equality.
  • Two-third of the illiterate people of the world are women.
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