What is Feminism?

Centuries of unfair and discriminatory treatment towards the female paved the way for a noble movement for establishing the

What is Ergonomics & definition of Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the process or methodology for arranging or designing workplaces, products, and systems of a working environment

What are DNA and DNA replication?

A biological data storage device of a human body, only billionths time smaller than a computer hard disk in physical size

What is an Archipelago & How do archipelagos form?

An archipelago is a combination of group islands or an island chain, an ocean or a sea, or sometimes a sea that contains

What is Cyberbullying with Effects and Facts

Cyberbullying is the act of harassing a kid or a young boy using the social media or other communicative media that is run

Elements of Democracy with Definition

Democracy the system of a free state in which people get the authority to elect their leaders. There are four essential elements

Causes of Air Pollution with types

Most air pollution is caused by human activities that have notably resulted in the commencement of industrialization. Other

Abstract Art: Types, Techniques and Facts

Abstract Art is the form of art that seems to express emotions through different colors and shapes. There are a number of

What is a Treaty and the types of treaty?

What is Treaty - A treaty is a set of agreements or contracts on the higher level of issues that involve two or more companies,

Basic of Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy

All sources of energy in this world can be divided into two kinds: renewable and non-renewable. To be completely reliable

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